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It’s a New Year!

August 26, 2011

The Omega Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau is looking for Founding Fathers this fall to join our fraternity! We’re looking for smart, successful men who want to become leaders in our chapter!

Snow Day #3: ZBT Snow Fort

February 3, 2011

Several brothers worked countless hours yesterday and today to build an igloo on the side patio of the ZBT chapter house.

Originally designed to comfortably fit three people, the excitement quickly spread throughout the house. As more and more people came outside to help, it was determined that the size of the igloo would have to be increased.

By the end of the day, the igloo was finished, with six people being able to fit comfortably inside.

Check out these photos of the finished work. Photos by Harry Katz.

Snow Day!

February 2, 2011

Update: Chancellor Brady Deaton has announced full closure of MU campus, including the cancellation of all classes, for Thursday, Feb. 3. Snow Day #3!

At ZBT, we’ve been trying to dig ourselves out and explore the campus, which is now a frigid winterwonderland.

Mizzou closed down and canceled all classes Monday night, all day Tuesday, and all day Wednesday due to one of the largest snowstorms seen in Columbia in years.

The official snowfall amount, according to KOMU News, reached nearly 18 inches by Wednesday morning.

Photo by Bob Harbin

Photo by Bob Harbin

Having two days of canceled class has allowed a lot of brotherly bonding in the house. Even before the storm hit, there was a cooperative effort to stock up on groceries and other necessities. Everyone in Columbia seems to have feared for the worst, stockpiling groceries.

By the time we got to Hy-Vee, there was nearly no produce.

Photo by Jim Pidcoe

Once the storm finally hit, few people were brave enough to go outside. Most people stayed in watching movies and TV or playing video games.

A few trekked out into the bitter cold to search for open restaurants (There were none) or to to the gym to work out (The walk to the Rec center was more of a workout than the actual workout).

Today, the roads seem to be slowly getting cleared, and although no official announcement has been made, we are all fearing and preparing for the worst: School will probably be in session tomorrow.

Happy Founder’s Day!

December 29, 2010

Today is the 112 year anniversary of the founding of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. In New York City in 1898, Pofessor Richard J. H. Gottheil assembled a group of men from several New York universities in the formation of the first chapter of the national Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

From the founding, growth expanded rapidly. Within the first ten years, there were 13 active chapters in the Northeast, and a 14th chapter in New Orleans.

By 1970, there were over 80 chapters. At this time, the fraternities of Phi Epsilon Pi and Phi Sigma Delta were merged with Zeta Beta Tau, further strengthening the “powerhouse of excellence” that had become ZBT.

Today, the Zeta Beta Tau brotherhood is over 120,000 brothers strong, and a present force at roughly 90 college campuses.

To all current, former and future brothers: Happy Founder’s Day!

Full Greek Week Pairing Announced!

November 30, 2010

We are paired with the women of Chi Omega and the men of Delta Upsilon for Greek Week!

Greek Week Update

November 29, 2010

We are partnered with the men of Delta Upsilon for Greek Week! Stay tuned to the site to find out which sorority we are paired with!

What is Greek Week?
Greek Week is a three week period (April 5 – April 25) where Greek students participate in programs and events that celebrate the values of the office of Greek Life and promote a fun environment, highlighting the talents and dedication of the Greek Community to Columbia and the University of Missouri. The mission of Greek Week is to develop and maintain positive relationships within the Columbia community, the MU campus community, and the Greek community.

Who does Greek Week benefit?
Greek Week benefits local and national organizations that are in need of funding to keep their operations and programs running. Typically between 7 and 9 organization are chosen to benefit from the money raised during Greek Week. Greek Week attempts to benefit a wide variety of causes when selecting different beneficiaries and strives to impact our global, national, regional, local, and campus communities.

Congratulations to our New Executive Board, Chairs, and Committee Members!

November 29, 2010

Congratulations to the Executive Board for the Spring 2011 Semester!

President – Mark Roman
Vice President – Lane Dunne
Treasurer – Bob Harbin
Secretary – Jim Pidcoe
Brotherhood Development Director – Sean Martin

Also, Congrats to our Chairs and Committee members:

Recruitment Chair – Brandon Connelly
Assistant Recruitment Chair – Andy Scheffel
Recruitment Committee Members – Larry Pratte, Lee Dukes, Brandon Connelly,

Philanthropy Chair – Dan Sheehan
Philanthropy Committee Members – Reade Huddleston, Danny Goldfeld, Harry Katz, Ryan Mills, Dan Sheehan, Joel Schneider

Service Chair-Blake Gardner
Service Committee Member – Colin Hope, Alex Kazer, Blake Gardner, Jim Pidcoe

Athletic Chair-Ryan Mills
Athletics Committee Member – Adam Ansoff

Academic Chair – Jason Petrofsky
Academic Committee Member – Adam Ansoff

Social Chair- Dylan Ornelas
Social Committee Members – Sean Martin, Josh Crawford, Lee Eigner, Dylan Ornelas, Andy Scheffel

Assistant Treasurer-Larry Pratte
Treasurer Committee – Allen Fishel, Bob Harbin

Brotherhood Development Director – Sean Martin
Provost – Gabe Owens
Brotherhood/Provost Committee – Jason Swain

Webmaster/Historian- Joel Schneider

Alumni Committee – Lane Dunne, Ryan Nichols, Mark Roman


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